Refurbished products

What does “refurbished” mean for us?

Refurbished items are a good and inexpensive alternative, if you don’t need new items. All equipment is functional and goes through various departments in our company…

  • Delivery of used equipment and arrival in our warehouse
  • The devices get tested for functionality by our technique
  • In case of a defect, the device gets repaired
  • Latest software gets installed
  • An individual firmware is possible: V2, V3, SIP or HFA
  • Further processing in our Refurbished department
  • Cleaning
  • Processing
  • New and individual packaging
  • New cardboard label
  • The device is ready for shipment
  • All Refurbished appliances have a warranty claim of 12 months
  • Accessories such as e.g. Handset or spiral cable are always included

We will be pleased to provide you with a free sample of our refurbished goods.The following items are also available in refurbished

  • Telephone systems
  • Devices
  • Accessories such as handset, spiral cable
  • Power supplies
  • Base stations
  • and many more..
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